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Saturday-Sunday, May 19-20, 2007


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This week:

--There were local fire calls.
--Smoke from the fires east of here will be in the area.
--The Thomasville City Council meets.

--Showers reported in Thomas County.
--Progress continues in wildfires.
--No relief from drought.
--John Edwards speaks to Georgia Democrats.

--Dog Park Grand Opening.

--A Republican Presidential candidate will appear here.

--A coal-fired power plant is approved for southwest Georgia.

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Weekly Digests of the News
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Week in Review: May 5 to May 11, 2007
--A Boston police officer has died in what is being called an accidental shooting.
--A new member of the city school board is selected.
--Thomasville Fire-Rescue units went to two brush fires.
--Governor Sonny Perdue withdrew his veto of the state's 2007 mid-year supplemental budget.
--Georgia crops are at a significant risk because of a drought.
--Archbold Hospital names employee of the year.

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The Thomasville City Councilís and Thomas County Commissionís struggles over the Emergency Services Agency resulted in its breakup. The story continues in the current controversy over providing fire service in the county. For a look at the reports over the last year of the ESA, 2002, that showed how the situation got so bad, go to a summary page that links to stories that detail the crisis. The Grand Jury of Thomas County investigated the demise of the ESA in mid-2003 and then reported its findings; for a story on what it found and its complete report, click here. For a map outlining the fire zones in Thomas County, click here. The yellow area is Fire Zone 1 and the grey area is Fire Zone 2.

The federal civil trial of the local NAACP charging the Thomasville City School System with racial discrimination is still being argued. For the background of the story, click here.



Thomas County commissioners and school board members faced voters in 2006 along with legislators, several statewide candidates and candidates for the Second Congressional District.

For details, click here.  For a look at the results in the General Election, click here. For a roundup of the statewide Primary election results, click here.


Municipal elections took place for seats on the Thomasville City Council and the Thomasville City Board of Education in 2005. For details, click here.


There were elections in 2004 for President down to the local Thomas County level. For a look at the offices in the election and the results, click here.


Municipal elections took place in Thomas County in 2003. For a report, click here.


General Election for 2002:

--For a report on the 2002 General Election results, click here.

--For a look at the candidates and a list of the constitutional amendments and questions that were presented to Thomas County voters, click here.

--The Thomas County Voter Registration office has a great web page that has information on district lines and voting precinct locations.


Elections are held in 2001 for posts on the Thomasville City Council and Thomasville City School Board. For a look at the elections, click here.


Several local, state and national offices were up for election in 2000. For a look at the results of the General Election, click here. For a look at who the candidates were, a look at the results of the Georgia General Primary and the presidential primary, click here


Thomas County officials and officials from the cities in the county asked citizens to vote on a special purpose local option sales tax of 1% to pay for capital expenses of the Emergency Service Department and road paving. The proposal passed. For background, click here.


Results of the 1999 elections in Thomasville for seats on the City Council and the City School Board: click here.


For a review of the 1998 elections in Georgia and Thomas County, click here.

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